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Before you get started, we would like to share a few tips to help you navigate the course.

  • Please read the 'Features and Benefits' section on the main page under Sign Up/Log In boxes to get an overview of this course.
  • Register: You need to register and create a username and a password. You can use them next time you log in. Please note that the username can only contain letters or numbers, but not both.
  • Navigation: Scroll over the modules under the appropriate section: Adult or Kids and click on the ones you would like to take.  You don’t need to follow a particular order and you may not want to do all the modules at one time. To go to the next page, click on the “Next” button. To go on the previous page click on the “Previous” button. You have the option to print each slide of each Module by clicking the printer icon in the right hand corner of each page.
  • AssessmentsThere are 2 types of Assessments. One type asks you to establish if some statements are ‘False’ or ‘True’.  You cannot go to the ‘Next page’ if your answers are not correct. Please try again until you have the correct answers. The other type asks you to ‘Click and Drag’ some missing words in order to complete the sentences. If the 'missing words' are correct than they have a green tick, if they are wrong they have a red cross on. Please try again if you have red crosses on your final answers. The Assessments are mandatory. You need to take them in order to complete the Module. If you need any help please get in touch with us.
  • Boxes: Some of the modules are interactive; therefore we may kindly ask you to share your opinions, experience or your thoughts with us by filling in some white boxes. Please note you cannot go to the next page if your box is empty.  If you would prefer not to write what we are asking you to, please write in the box 'Not Available', so you can go to the next page. Filling in these boxes is mandatory in order to continue with the Module, but it does not count as Assessment.
  • Log off: If you would like to leave a Module before you complete it, your work will be saved so you can continue  where you left off later. You can take a Module as many times as you like.
  • Certificate: To obtain a Certificate once you have successfully completed each  Adult Module, please email us your contact details (your name, username, your address and your email address); to obtain a Certificate once you have successfully completed each Kids Module please click Print Certificate on the last slide of each module. If you don’t have access to a printer please let us have yours and your child details and we will send you a Certificate.
  • Further support: If you are looking for more support and information please get in touch with us on
  •  +44 (0) 1653699599 or support@encephalitis.info
  • Good Luck!